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Waterproofing in Australia has not been considered important enough to be a fully qualified trade as required in other countries around the world. Waterproofing today in the Australian building industry
has still very little policing or auditing.

There are varying styles of construction around Australia and what is prevalent or relevent in Western Australia is not necessarily how construction works in NSW, VIC or QLD for example. Waterproofing contractors, builders & architects need to understand the intricate details of each other’s expertise and choose the manufacturers system that is right for any particular application, and when that system is installed it must be 100% watertight.Testing for this is difficult with many applications because the only choice has been to flood test, and that has its drawbacks.

Detec Australia can scan or monitor the different types of systems installed in Australia offering those same waterproofing contractors, builders & architects peace of mind.

Detec’s patented technologies assist in the quality control of waterproof membrane installations and in revealing water or moisture intrusion. Our monitoring systems will alert owners of a water intrusion and provide data regarding its severity and location.

There is no longer any need to flood an area to test for the integrity of the waterproofing.Detec australia, electronic leak detection, is finally here.

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Integriscan Demo – The Integrity of your membranes deserves the most accurate testing system.

Membrane Breaches – Fast Location, Faster fix, Less damage, Less cost.

The IntegriScan is the most accurate and advanced Electronic Leak Detection testing method available

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