Project Faulkner Road Belmont

Faulkner Road Community Centre currently being built by PACT Construction required as per Architects specification provided by Bollig Architects to have the Soprema waterproof membranes fully tested by Detec Australia. As the basement and part of the retaining walls are in the watertable, the basement waterproofing was critical. Auswest Coatings installed the Allduro supplied Colphene BSW Uni membrane system as Detec Australia tested it as it was installed. A number of breaches were found and rectified and retested immediately ensuring a watertight basement. Podium deck, Planter boxes and the Roof have all been tested during construction as they are complete. In particular the podium deck some retesting needed to be carried out as the area of testing received a large amount of traffic causing breaches within the membrane

Roof Section repair
Roof Section breachRetaining wall scanned no breaches

City of Perth – Council House

Freyssinet were contracted to remove tiling, repair existing waterproof membrane on one half of the building which had been replaced 2 years earlier and install a new membrane system on the remaining half. Detec Australia was contracted to find the leaks in the first half and test the new membrane to ensure no leakage will occur.

Scarborough Surf Life Saving Club

Scarborough Surf Life Saving Club new building being built by Georgiou with retaining walls and a large podium garden deck all below ground. With a liquid membrane system being installed Georgiou were concerned about cost implications should they need to remove overburden if there was a leak so they engaged Detec Australia to test the membrane on the retaining walls and deck.

A number of breaches were found and referred back to Georgiou to organise repairs prior to backfilling.

Scarbough Pool Complex

Scarborough Pools built by Cooper and Oxley engaged Detec Australia to test the liquid membrane being installed on the carpark deck and terrace walkway and gardens with retail areas, changerooms etc directly below to ensure no leaks were found in the waterproof membrane. A number of breaches in the membrane were referred to Cooper and Oxley for repairs prior to covering with overburden of Garden and concrete.

Royal Perth Hospital

EcoSeal WA carried out a full re coat of the potable water and waste water tanks Enviro HD 1200 PW and requested Detec Australia test the integrity of the water proofing system prior to refilling the tanks. One small breach was found after application at the edge of a drain showing the benefit of having independent integrity testing.  

City Sky Line Roof

Refurbishment with a new 2 layer Soprason 3-4 AR Torch on Membrane completed by SRG Global